New Release


Release date December 2015 – To be confirmed

‘Looking Good’ is the second collaboration between Alfi Romeo and Rosy. The first being the song, ‘Together every day’ which was originally composed and performed in 2002. Now years later it has been re-mastered and reworked. We have chosen to put it on this new E.P. as a contrast to the other two songs which are more upbeat and current.


The title track, ‘Looking Good’ is potentially the single; the song was inspired by the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ programme, which I was asked to watch. Although, I acknowledge it was brilliantly choreographed and well-presented it just really was not my scene, but I had to stay and behave as I had promised. However, running through my mind came these lyrics, so a little humorous content was the idea behind the song. Though total respect to the good old Beeb, Brucie and everyone who took part.

‘You come and go’ was inspired by my love of Santana and cool West Coast music; deep and heart felt words in this song. Plus an instrumental chilled mixed version of the song.

Many thanks for reading this and hopefully playing the tunes.

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